Exhibit and Sponsor Services

When a large group of individuals in a field come together to discuss their work, providing an opportunity for related companies to promote their products and services is almost a necessity.
The CMS staff members have over 75 years combined experience in assisting organizations with exhibitor and sponsorship support services.

Work we perform in this area includes but is not limited to the following:

Working in conjunction with the conference organizing committee, CMS will prepare a comprehensive Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus Brochure which provides detailed information regarding:

CMS will negotiate with local Exhibition Decorating Contractors and Customs Brokers to obtain the best service at the most reasonable price.

Working with the selected Exhibition Decorating Contractor, CMS will prepare an exhibit hall floor plan layout drawing which provides the optimum flow of traffic to maximize exposure for all exhibitors and sponsors.

Working with the venue, decorator, and customs broker, CMS will prepare and Exhibitors Manual which provides detailed information regarding shipments to and from the venue, move-in and move-out dates and times, and rules and regulations which apply to each venue, as well as the forms necessary to order exhibit services such as drayage, cleaning, furniture rental, electrical, A/V equipment, ect.

CMS will provide an online registration system to allow exhibitors and sponsorsto easily select their exhibit space and sponsorship level and pay online through secure methods.

CMS will provide demographic data regarding event attendees in order to assist potential exhibitors and sponsors in deciding if the conference and exhibition will meet their marketing communications and sales promotion objectives.

CMS will provide supervision of the move-in and move-out of the conference and exhibition, as well as having experienced staff onsite during the event to assist exhibitors and sponsors with any special requirements they may have.

After the event, CMS will supply exhibitors and sponsors with information regarding the demographic data and number of attendees at the event.