Website Development and Hosting Services

The conference website is the main source of information for those interested in your conference. With everything from registration to hotel and venue information, a well designed and maintained website is essential to the success of a modern event. CMS can build, host, and maintain the site making sure the most up to date information is available to your attendees.

Whether it is an attendee looking to register, an author submitting a paper, or a company wanting to exhibit at the conference or become a conference sponsor, the website is the starting point for everyone wanting to contribute to the conference. A website built by CMS can provide a way for people to register and pay for attendance, authors to submit papers for review and consideration for presentation, and companies to view and purchase available exhibiting space.

One of the most important functions of a website is to provide information. The conference website hosted by CMS can have accurate up to date technical program and event schedules listed so that every attendee can confidently plan their time at the conference.